XMAN Montreal

June 6+7

Mt. Sutton


XMAN Sherbrooke

Aug. 22+23

Mt. Orford


XMAN Quebec

Sept. 26th

Ski Le Relais


What is XMan?

XMANRACE is an obstacle course done by foot. You want to go beyond your physical and mental skills? You like to train at the gym but have yet to proove your friends that you are trully strong other than to just to push some metal plates? You like adrenaline rush, strong feelings, mud, surprises and you’re not scared of scratches? You want to become an XMAN? XMANRACE is definitely for you.

You still ask yourself if it is for you? Maybe not, so give this website link to someone else who is ready to take the challenge (No, no!!!, I am convinced and want to register)

Can I do the XMAN RACE?

Yes. Anyone can do it and that is even if you are a beginner, an elite runner, young or older and even you are scared of trying it! Everyone can make it to the finishl ine at your own rythm. It is also possible to avoid an obstacle (if you have a certain condition or are to affraid), by doing a penalty at the obstacle (see FAQ section).